This piece ran in FITS News on June 10, 2022.

by ELLEN WEAVER || Every child should have the opportunity to meet their God-given potential.

Achieving that vision is my life’s mission, and it is why I am running for South Carolina Superintendent of Education.

Education in South Carolina needs fresh ideas and bold leadership. We must stop “woke” indoctrination of our students, create real school choice for families, protect parents’ rights, cut red tape for teachers, and restore trust through transparency.

Above all else, we must keep children and teachers safe. If kids and teachers aren’t safe, nothing else matters. I support the progress made by Governor McMaster and the General Assembly to fund a resource officer at every school and will work with them to finish the job.

As your Superintendent, I will relentlessly advocate for students, parents, and teachers.

Our teachers deserve respect and better pay. I will fight to push dollars out of bureaucracy and back into classrooms to pay our teachers at the national average by the end of my first term.

I will promote new pathways to engage parents, veterans, and the faith and business communities to support teachers and principals as they work to create school cultures that proactively address discipline and mental health challenges.

Woke ideologies that create division and distract from real learning have no place in our classrooms, and we must root them out.

I’ll work to restore a laser focus on literacy, critical thinking, math, and life skills like character education, personal finance, and practical trade classes. I’ll champion the needs of students with learning disabilities or other special needs and their families, who have been marginalized for too long.

Faith, family, and freedom are at my core. My parents sacrificed to provide me with a great education, including Christian school, home school, and graduation from a top-notch public school. I want every South Carolina family to have that same opportunity to find the best path for their child.

I worked twelve years for Senator Jim DeMint, learning the policy ropes and how to stand up for what I believe. I then founded Palmetto Promise Institute, where I have fought alongside parents for the right to determine their child’s educational future.

I have been—and will continue to be—an unapologetic defender of school choice in all its forms. As chair of the Education Oversight Committee, I have fought for accountability and transparency on behalf of South Carolina’s kids.

My experience has prepared me to lead on day one.

Unfortunately, one of my opponents is on the attack, trying to distract from her unpopular policy and political record by creating confusion around election laws.

As a lifelong, conservative Republican, I believe in the rule of law, and therefore I will meet every legal obligation required to serve as State Superintendent. While we all know that letters behind your name are no substitute for bold leadership, I am hard at work completing my master’s degree in Educational Leadership and will be finished by October.

Unlike the same opponent, I am not beholden to the broken education status quo or union politics, nor have I been endorsed by Columbia and Washington’s leading liberals. I’m proud to offer Republican primary voters a clear choice between my proven conservative record and a Democrat-lite.

If elected, I will bring people together to expand what’s working, fix what isn’t, and build a coalition to get things done.

That coalition is already growing, as thousands of voters, 30 state legislators, Congressmen Jeff Duncan, Ralph Norman, and William Timmons, and former State Superintendents Mick Zais and Barbara Nielsen have joined my campaign.

On Tuesday, June 14th, let’s send a clear message to the education establishment: we’re done with the broken status quo. Join me in saying YES to real change for our students.