May 4, 2022

Columbia, S.C. – Ellen Weaver’s campaign for State Superintendent of Education today announced endorsements from 27 state legislators.

The state legislators pledged to work with Weaver as State Superintendent of Education. Each has built trusted relationships with her over the years, as Weaver has fought for parents’ rights, transparency, and all forms of education choice. The state legislators also pledged to work with Weaver to advance a common sense, conservative vision for South Carolina students once she is elected.

Key agenda items include:
● Keep students and teachers safe.
● Protect parents’ rights to make decisions for their child.
● Oppose all forms of woke indoctrination.
● Focus on the basic math and reading skills students need to succeed.
● Expand technical education and support all types of school choice for South Carolina families: traditional public, public charter & magnet, private, virtual, and home schools.
● Cut red tape for teachers and push dollars out of bureaucracy and back into classrooms.
● Restore trust through total transparency for all spending and curriculum decisions.

Legislative Action Committee endorsements:
Sen. Sean Bennett (R-Dorchester)
Sen. Wes Climer (R-York)
Sen. Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley)
Sen. Dwight Loftis (R-Greenville)
Sen. Scott Talley (R-Spartanburg)
Sen. Ross Turner (R-Greenville)
Sen. Danny Verdin (R-Laurens)
Rep. Bruce Bannister (R-Greenville)
Rep. Lin Bennett (R-Charleston)
Rep. Jeff Bradley (R-Beaufort)
Rep. Sylleste Davis (R-Berkeley)
Rep. Bill Hixon (R-Edgefield)
Rep. Bobby Cox (R-Greenville)
Rep. Heather Crawford (R-Horry)
Rep. Jason Elliott (R-Greenville)
Rep. Kirkman Finlay (R-Richland)
Rep. Patrick Haddon (R-Greenville)
Rep. Josiah Magnuson (R-Spartanburg)
Rep. R.J. May (R-Lexington)
Rep. Adam Morgan (R-Greenville)
Rep. Roger Nutt (R-Spartanburg)
Rep. Melissa Oremus (R-Aiken)
Rep. Garry Smith (R-Greenville)
Rep. Mark Smith (R-Berkeley)
Rep. Bill Taylor (R-Aiken)
Rep. Anne Thayer (R-Anderson)
Rep. Mark Willis (R-Greenville)

Commenting on the endorsements, Ellen Weaver said, “Unlocking educational excellence for every South Carolina child will require bold leadership and a commitment to teamwork. I am honored to have the trust and support of these conservative leaders who will be critical to accomplish that mission. Together, I’m confident we can win this fight for our students, parents, and teachers.”

“Ellen Weaver has been a reliable conservative ally, working with me to rally support at the Statehouse to fight Common Core and promote “money follows the child” school choice that puts parents in charge of their children’s education. She has a proven record of standing up for families and I’m confident she will be the transformational Superintendent of Education we need.” – Senator Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley)

I got to know Ellen’s tireless work ethic, strategic thinking, and conservative common sense firsthand, working together to simplify our outdated education funding formula. She will be the difference-maker we need, fighting to cut red tape and push dollars out of bureaucracy and back into the classrooms where they can make a real difference for students and teachers. – Senator Ross Turner (R-Greenville)

“Ellen is a fighter. On issue after issue after issue, Ellen has been doing the hand-to-hand combat, legislator by legislator, to advance the conservative cause. I can’t thank her enough for the work she has done so far. I am thrilled that she is running to be our Superintendent of Education, and I cannot wait for her to clean house at that department.” – Senator Wes Climer (R-York)

“Common sense isn’t always so common in education policy. Ellen Weaver will bring a fresh, no-nonsense approach to taking care of business and delivering results for our students, parents, and teachers.” – Representative Kirkman Finlay (R-Richland)

“Ellen Weaver is a proven, courageous conservative leader who will fight alongside parents and teachers to protect students from CRT and other forms of woke politics that have no place in our public schools. She’s the right choice to lead our state’s education department into the future.” – Representative Garry Smith (R-Greenville)

“Ellen blazed a trail as the first female Chair of the Education Oversight Committee, where she fought for transparency and a laser focus on moving the needle for kids. I’m confident she’ll continue to be the kind of strong, effective, conservative voice we need for South Carolina families.” – Representative Heather Crawford (R-Horry)

“Ellen is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. She’s dedicated her professional life to improving education in South Carolina. As State Superintendent, Ellen will work tirelessly to improve the lives of SC students and expand their opportunities for success in the classroom and beyond.” – Representative Jason Elliott (R-Greenville)

“I am proud to stand in support of Ellen Weaver and her campaign for Superintendent of Education in South Carolina. I have known Ellen the entire time I have been in the General Assembly. I know Ellen to be a hard worker, a knowledgeable member of the education community, and we share many values relative to life and education.” – Representative Jeff Bradley (R-Beaufort)

“Ellen has the experience and know-how to bring much-needed bold improvements to public education in South Carolina.” – Representative Bill Taylor (R-Aiken)