This piece was published on June 8, 2022 in The Charleston Post & Courier.

I was disappointed, if not surprised, to see the editorial endorsement of Kathy Maness for South Carolina Superintendent of Education. If you want more of the same, she’s the status quo pick.

I have worked with business, legislative and education leaders here and across the state to improve education for more than three decades now.

Time and again, I have seen the deep resistance to change from Columbia-based associations that continue to push students and teachers to follow outdated ways of thinking.

In my work on major economic development projects, I know first-hand that education matters. States around us are making major moves to reform their education systems, with even Mississippi now lapping us in early reading, the foundation of learning.

The bottom line: If we don’t get in the game, we will lose jobs and economic opportunity for another generation of South Carolina students.

Change is never easy and rarely popular. South Carolina’s kids deserve a leader who has the courage and grace to take the heat.

That’s why I’m supporting Ellen Weaver. She is a hard-working, practical and action-oriented leader.

I’ve seen her energy, determination and ability to get things done first-hand during our time together on the Education Oversight Committee.

Ms. Weaver brings the fresh perspective, integrity and unquestionable leadership and team-building skills that are required if we are going to overcome deeply entrenched mindsets to deliver on the promise of a great education for every student in our state. I encourage voters to join me in supporting her candidacy.

Neil Robinson
Mt Pleasant